About Claudia

"I was always afraid I was not going to make it next semester. Most of the time I worked two jobs and I lived in a place that cost $50 per month. I would have done anything to attend university. I had one outfit I wore nearly every day and I had a burgundy colored ski vest for winter. I walked in the winter and rode my bike in nice weather. I cry when I think of how I made it, but I would do it all again." - Claudia Addy

Claudia Addy's life has been defined by her hard work. She was born in 1950 to Edna Hope and Ralph Addy. Ralph fought in World War II and ran a small construction business upon his return. Edna also worked her whole life, assisting with the construction business and running a rooming house. 


Claudia in a March of Dimes photo
shoot with Governor Harold Hughes

Claudia's childhood was the ideal balance between city life and country life. Her family was based in Des Moines and she attended school at Hubbell Elementary, Merrill Middle School, and Roosevelt High School. She has fond memories of playing with her friends and swimming in the river. Her summers were spent at family farms outside of Winterset - playing with her cousins, helping with farm chores, learning tatting and crocheting.  She began to work when she was just a child - working a few modeling jobs for print and TV - and she held many jobs as she grew up. She worked as a cook and counter staff at a donut shop. She prepared weigh bills for a parcel service. She drove semis, was a server in Iowa City during college, worked as an electron microscopist studying cell development,and worked in neurophysiology research as she earned her BGS from Iowa City. She went on to study medicine at the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences (now Des Moines University). She earned her diploma and worked until her retirement as a foot and ankle surgeon.

 We cannot say enough about how we believe in Claudia as our representative to the House in Iowa. Her breadth of experience has given her a keen sense of understanding of what is important in life and time has provided the patience and wisdom to appreciate when it is time to act.  Her sense of humor is often disarming and poignant revealing knowledge of subjects important to us all-young and old. 

This committee is exploring avenues to bring greater name recognition to our candidate so that she might achieve a place on the ballot and a seat in the Iowa House.

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