Want a meet and Greet?

Iowa Insiders Alum meet

Fake News Event

Attending upcoming Hawkeye Alum event a panel discussion on journalistic implications with journalists and mass communication alums from Iowa.  I will be attending.

In An Instant

I'm a physician with ideas on how to tweek health care system to make it continue to be the best.  Well versed in the health insurance system and can help there.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I'm a reformer and want to make our system more responsive to citizens  Looking at candidate ranking, right of recall and referenda                  

Neola, Iowa

Nice here Buck Snort Restaurant hosting big volleyball tourney. Eight different teams from Western Iowa Here playing an all day affair. Tomorrow is Labor Day Parade. Campaigning all the way. 

Mt. Ayr

I will be in Mt Ayr Tuesday Sept. 6 for a meet and greet on main street.  We can talk politics or not. 🌭🌭🌭

Winterset Iowa

I will be in Winterset Iowa Monday, Sept.5 hoping to meet up with other Addys and Hopes my relatives and other friends. Please come out. We can talk politics or not!

Farm Progress Show GREAT Event

Wednesday at the show was nice. Big crowds interesting venues. My favorite venues were IOWA FARMERS UNION booth,  PRACTICAL FARMERS booth, FARMHER booth.


Great day to step away from electronics and get your hands in the dirt.

City elections mark a turning point in exploration of feasability .

November 5th marks the end of city election cycle and the exploration committee has determined this post time to start the feasibility studies in earnest.  Claudia will be available for meet and greets, appearances, issue discussions, and any and all types of meetings the public might request.  She is willing to attend any of your events.  Just let us know a couple of days in advance for scheduling.