Zika danger growing exponentially

Cases of Zika virus infections are growing daily. The current congress left the country hanging without adequate resources to fight this disease while they left to campaign for reelection. What do you have to say for yourself incumbents?

The weather is Iowa State Fair today!

David Youngs' idea of bipartisanship is to vote yes once and no the next on the same bill!  Just the facts man. 

Great day to harvest a few things, mow and get ready for fair.

I will be planning visits to various colleges and universities around Iowa.  I hope to enhance the future in Iowa for our young citizens and need their input into what they consider our most pressing problems are.  Any advice or requests for forums would be greatly appreciated and I will do my best to accomodate these.

Iowa State Fair Nothing Compares!

Come out to the fair Friday August 12th and join the crowd at the soapbox where I am scheduled to speak at 11:30 am. Some surprises in store.  I will be trying my best to convince the crowd first of all to vote for me and secondly to get others as well!!  It is hard to mark that box down the line but this is the time for an unaligned candidate to go to work for Iowans. Show that we really are the majority and vote Claudia Addy no party candidate ! Really not even Independent there's a party for that and while I enjoy whooping it up some, when it comes to voting I vote for the candidate. Join us At the fair and in the booth.