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Reforms : CANDIDATE RANKING - weight your preferences ie this is candidate I most prefer this is candidate I prefer as 2nd                                                       choice etc.

                REFERENDUM- add policy points to ballot to be voted on as a direct decision rather than through representation. 

                Recall - just what it says we should have right to recall an elected office at any time rather than wait for election.

This is my home and I know it well. I intend to work closely with all local government to meet the needs of the largest citiy in the district Des Moines! to Winterset my parents home and a place I spent lots of time as a child and for all of the welcoming town squares and main streets. I intend for my election to the Iowa House of Representatives to engender a continued RENEWAL for central Iowa and I plan to hammer this home. Des Moines continues to win accolades as best of the best and the list is long  

Cost Effective Government

I believe we can all agree that the deficit is too big and the money servicing that debt is wasted money. I hear over and over again that the savings from cutting this or that is only a million or only tens of thousands. Well I would never allow my faucet to "only drip" or my lavatory to run, boosting my water bill and wasting precious water, let alone money. So let's take the so called small savings everywhere we can find them.

While we are at it, can we all agree that we need to root out waste, fraud, abuse, and redundancy where we find it? Those practices cannot be tolerated and there should be accountability brought to bear where we find it. It is important that we do no harm to our currently fragile economy by jumping headlong into severe cuts that might prove harsh and not thoughtful. So let us work together in a step-by-step, reasoned, and thoughtful approach to solve the deficit dilemma.

The Environment

Could we also agree that good neighbors do no harm to one another? By this I mean to address environmental issues such as the water quality problem we currently face here in Iowa. I have a saying that I would like to relate to you: I would rather see a million farms with one hog each than one farm with a million hogs. This in essence sums up my social ,economic ,and environmental attitude toward rural policy I would bring to the Congress.  We need more diversification in our rural areas. I wish we could encourage and somehow afford more opportunity for young people in rural areas. I would like to see our rural areas supporting increased population through more jobs more farm education and more diversification.  I want to see our farms being good neighbors by handling waste ,run-off ,and air quality. I would not limit the size and number of animals in a confinement operation only to the extent that as long as they exist as good neighbors not harming the environment. That in and of itself would limit operation size.

City-dwellers should look to themselves also as neighbors. Our use and overuse of utilities contributes to climate change and the erratic weather patterns - creating havoc with agricultural production.    

Health Care

Having worked in the health care industry for many years, I know that we are in need of reform. Affordability of health insurance is a dramatic problem.  Policy pricing, co-pays, and deductables have skyrocketed in many cases.  We need to address this as a problem quickly.


Education Debt

I support a system that I call Pay-as-you-earn with regard to higher education loan repayment.  Let me provide a hypothetical example:  two students attend University of Iowa school of nursing both accrueing essentially similar costs and debt.  One of the nurses would chose to practice and live in Creston Iowa perhaps working in a local clinic and part-time as a school nurse. The other chooses to become a "traveling" nurse.  Both are needed however the compensation may be very different.. So in response to the difference in pay I propose a sliding scale repayment system.  The total debt would be repaid by both but at a different rate.  I like this system especially since it would not require a completely new bureaucracy and could be managed as payroll deduction. Or when a "Mark Zuckerberg" type strikes it big with an ingenious idea or creation the system should expect immediate return on the investment so that others might go on in a similar manner.  While some education debt is accrued as federal other is often state and so under our purview.

Zika Virus

This is a concrete example of how I would handle the infighting currently going on over the budget to fight Zika  First I support development of a vaccine against the virus. This produces a long term immunity to the disease. So I want to see enough spent to develop that quickly.  Then we can limit the expense of immunization by focusing on the group most severely affected, which is women of child bearing age. Hence we do not have to fight the vaccination "fight over early infancy vaccinations." The targeted group would be well into childhood and resistance to vaccination should be minimal. Likewise there is no need vaccinate other groups as the virus produces only mild disease in others except the very devastating microcephaly we see when a pregnant woman is infected. If at a later date we determine that eradication of disease is  beneficial then we could expand vaccination efforts. This too is more of a national issue but has carry over to local needs

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  • Jason Frerichs
    commented 2016-10-07 20:44:00 -0500
    This is extremely basic. Your listed policies have very little substance. Nothing that tells me why I should vote for you.
  • Ardis Artz
    commented 2016-06-23 20:20:42 -0500
    I am interested in What Claudia has to say as I knew her in Iowa city. I live in Boise, ID so I cannot vote for her. Is she running as a Democrat or ? She sounds fairly liberal. Let me hear from you, Claudia.